Fingerboard for your Tech Deck Skate Park

A fingerboard is a working replica of a skateboard that a person “rides” by copying skateboarding stunts with their hand-fingers. It can also be referred to as a finger skate board or even a Tech Deck fingerboarding. The device itself is a mini-version skateboard complete with moving wheels.

Fingerboards  first came into the scene  as homemade toys in the 1970s and later became a novelty attached to key chains in skate shops.  However they were also mentioned as a model for a skateboard. The parts of a fingerboard are: deck, tape-grip, rip.etc, trucks, bushings, king pins, and wheels.

Although fingerboarding was a new and unique fad for years, they became a collectible toy as skateboard manufacturers realized the potential for product branding and profit starting in the 1990s. Fingerboards are now available as inexpensive novelty toys as well as high-end collectibles, complete with accessories one would find in use with standard-size skateboards


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