Build your new fingerboarding tech deck skate park at home

What the heck is fingerboarding?  No doubt you are familiar with skateboarding and all the bumps and bruises that are part and parcel with it but you may be a bit new and unfamiliar with the new craze out there of building your own ramps and using your fingers instead of legs with a miniature skateboard.  

Fingerboarding very quickly led people, young and older, to designing and creating their very own life size tech deck skateparks. 


Thousands across the world are practising many hours a week on getting their fingers and fingerboarding skills where they need them to be to compete with their friends and foes.  This fingerboard tech deck world has become so popular that it is even referred to as a sport.

Check out this video I found on youtube.  Is this for real and happening all over?  What ever happened to playing ball outdoors for crying out loud :)









If you are interested in this new “sport” the here is something you should know…it’s not cheap!  There are many products out there for sale and they can be quite expensive.  A popular selection will be the Tony Hawk Collection of ramps, fingerboards and accessories.

Here are some of the names of these accessories you will become familiar with:

Tech Deck SkateParks

1.  Fingerboard

2.  Flip big air ramp

3.  Quarter corner parts to make half and full bowls

4.  Half pipe ramp

5.  Quarter pipe ramp

6.  Bank ramp

7.  Snake rail

8.  Vertical ramp

You can even add little beauties like:

a.  Delmar pool

b.  Picnic table or

c.  Jersey barrier and step and ledge


You can save huge costs if you embark on making your own homemade skateparks at home.  Get your parents to help you or get together with some friends and make a project of it.  You may, of course have to buy certain parts that you can’t easily make at home.  Have fun with it and remember that part of the fun is learning it.


Have fun using your legs to skateboard……but…



Now you can use your fingers too.  :)




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